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ECRI Publications

ECRI publishes a number of different documents, thus contributing to a better understanding of the economic, political and social aspects of credit. The output can be divided into the following categories:

- Newsletter: The ECRI Newsletter is published on a quarterly basis, covering the latest trends in regulatory affairs in Europe, important world-wide developments related to financial services as well as information on ECRI activities and publications.

Commentaries: The ECRI Commentaries Series provides short comments on ongoing developments as regards credit markets and other relevant developments in the field of financial services. ECRI researchers as well as external experts contribute to this series.

Policy Briefs: The ECRI Policy Brief Series provides short analyses of ongoing developments affecting credit markets in Europe. ECRI researchers as well as external experts contribute to this series.

Research Reports: ECRI Research Reports are studies of approximately 15,000 words either produced in-house or funded by and carried out for the European Credit Research Institute by external experts. ECRI provides financial support to researchers working in the areas of retail finance, banking and consumer protection in financial services, expecting any accepted application to make an original contribution to the state of the art and to be of high academic quality.

Statistical Package: The institute's flagship publication provides the latest available statistical information on consumer and other credit to households in Europe, allowing its user to make meaningful comparisons between all 27 EU member states as well as with a number of selected non-EU countries, including the US and Canada.

Other Publications: This series encompasses documents not otherwise classified.

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