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ECRI has selected a set of papers related to retail finance. These are not ECRI papers but downloadable from the internet. Contributions welcome.



  • Eurosystem Household Finance and Consumption Network. Survey Data on Household Finance and Consumption, Research Summary and Policy Use, ECB Occasional Paper No. 100, January 2009 (pdf)
  • European Central Bank. Housing Finance in the Euro Area, ECB Structural Issues Report, March 2009 (pdf)


  • Jappelli, Pagano and di Maggio. Households' indebtedness and financial fragility. Centre for Studies in Economics and Finance Working Paper 208, September 2008 (pdf)


  • Bialowolski, Piotr and Dudek, Slawomir. Growth potential of the Polish household credit market in the light of real convergence of the Polish economy, November 2007(pdf)
  • Jentzsch, Nicola. Do we need a European Directive for Credit Reporting?, CESifo DICE Report, February 2007 (pdf)


  • Rinaldi, Laura and Sanchis-Arellano, Alicia. Household debt sustainability: what explains household non-performing loans? An empirical analysis, ECB Working Paper 570, January 2006 (pdf)
  • Housing Finance in the global financial market, Committee on the Global Financial System Working Group report 26, Bank for International Settlements, January 2006 (pdf)


  • Jappelli and Pagano, Role and effects of credit information sharing, Centre for Studies in Economics and Finance Working Paper 136, April 2005. (pdf)
  • Bertola, Giuseppe and Hochguertel, Stefan, Household Debt and Credit, European University Institute Working Paper, May 2005 (pdf)
  • Bridges, Disney and Henley, Housing wealth and the accumulation of financial debt: Evidence from UK households, forthcoming in: G. Bertola, R. Disney and C. Grant (eds) , The Economics of Consumer Credit, MIT Press, 2005 (pdf)
  • del Ri­o, Ana and Young, Garry, The Determinants of unsecured borrowing: evidence from the British Household Panel Survey, Bank of England Working Paper 263, 2005. (pdf)
  • del Rio, Ana and Young, Garry, The impact of unsecured debt on financial distress among british households, Bank of England Working Paper 262, 2005. (pdf)


  • Carriero, Il fenomeno economico ed il regime giuridico del consumer credit,, 2004 (pdf)
  • Debelle, Macroeconomic implications of rising household debt, BIS Working Paper, No 153, June 2004. (pdf)
  • Deutsche Bank Research, Spain's cajas: deregulated, but not depoliticised, Financial Market Special, EU Monitor, December 2004. (pdf)
  • DTI, Tackling over-indebtedness-Action Plan 2004, July 2004. (pdf)
  • Buch and Lipponer, FDI versus cross-border financial services: The globalisation of German banks, Discussion paper, Series 1: Studies of the Economic Research Centre, No 05/2004, May 2004. (pdf)
  • Disney and Bridges, Use of credit and arrears or debt among low income families in the United Kingdom, Fiscal Studies, March 2004. (pdf)
  • Staten and Cate, Does the Fair Credit Reporting Act Promote Accurate Credit Reporting? Joint Center for Housing Studies, Working paper series, BABC 04-14, February 2004. (pdf)
  • Avery, Calem and Glenn, Consumer credit scoring: do situational circumstances matter? Monetary and Economic Department, January 2004. (pdf)
  • Kosters, Paul and Stein, An economic analysis of the EU Commission's proposal for a new Consumer Credit Directive. Offering consumers more protection or restricting their options? RWI Essen, 2004. (pdf)
  • Reifner, Konsumentenkreditrichtlinie im Europaparlament - Zurück zu den Siebzigern? Institut für Finanzdienstleistungen e.V., Hamburg, 2004 (pdf)
  • RZB Group, CEE Banking Sector Report, October 2004. (pdf)
  • Whitley, John, Windram, Richard, and Cox, Prudence, An empirical model of household arrears, Bank of England Working Paper 214, 2004. (pdf)


  • Crook, The Demand and Supply for Household Debt: A Cross Country Comparison, Credit Research Centre, University of Edinburgh, May 2003. (pdf)
  • Deutsche Bank Research, US vs. EU banking market: the more integrated, the more profitable?, Financial Market Special, EU Monitor, November 2003. (pdf)
  • DTI, The Consumer Credit Market in the 21st Century. White Paper, December 2003. (pdf)
  • Jentzsch, San José Riestra, Information Sharing and Its Implications for Consumer Credit Markets: United States vs. Europe, Working Paper, May 2003. (pdf)
  • Deloitte, Retail is in the Detail. How Financial Institutions Can Grow Revenue in the 21st Century, 2003. (pdf)
  • Fabbri and Padula, Does Poor Legal Enforcement Make Households Credit-Constrained? January 2003. (pdf)
  • The Economics of Consumer Credit: European Experience and Lesson from the US, Finance and Consumption, European University Institute, 13th and 14th May 2003. (pdf)
  • European Parliamentary Financial Services, Improving clearing and settlement benefits for an integrated market, February 2003. (pdf)
  • Wild, Updating the Consumer Credit Directive: Will this prove to be the key to ensuring the success of Europe?, Hertfordshire Law Journal, 2003. (pdf)
  • Reifner, Udo, Kiesilainen, Johanna, Huls, Nik and Springeneer, Helga, Consumer Overindebtedness and Consumer Law in the EU, Research Paper International Association of Consumer Law and Report presented to the EU Commission, September 2003. (pdf)


  • Jappelli, Tullio and Pistaferri, Luigi, Incentives to Borrow and the Demand for Mortgage Debt:An Analysis of Tax Reforms, Centre for Studies in Economics and Finance Working Paper 90, December 2002 (pdf)
  • Fabbri, Daniela and Padula, Mario, Does Poor Legal Enforcement Make Households Credit-Constrained?, Centre for Studies in Economics and Finance Working Paper 65, November 2002 (pdf)
  • Alessie, Hochguertel, Weber, Consumer Credit: Evidence from Italian Microdata, August 2002. (pdf)
  • Bankecon, Pocket Guide to European Banking, April 2002. (pdf)
  • Beckmann, Eppendorfer, Neimke, Financial Integration within the European Union: Towards a single Market for Insurance, Ruhr-University Bochum, January 2002. (pdf)
  • Eppendorfer, Beckmann and Neimke, Market Access Strategies in the EU Banking Sector: Obstacles and Benefits towards an integrated European Retail Market, Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum, January 2002. (pdf)
  • Heinemann and Jopp, The Benefits of a Working European Retail Market for Financial Services, Report to European Financial Services Round Table, Berlin, 2002. (pdf). Final Report, Full Text. (pdf)
  • Heinemann and Schueler, Integration Benefits on EU Retail Credit Markets- Evidence from Interest Rate Pass-through, Zentrum fuer Europaeische Wirtschaftsforschung, January 2002. (pdf)
  • Marín López, Dictamen jurídico sobre el caso English Opening School, Universidad de Castilla la Mancha, 2002. (pdf)
  • Molyneux, Regulation and financial innovation trends in European banking and the impact on the supply and demand for financial services in Europe, Working Paper no. 03-16, 2002, Kiel Institute of World Economy and others, 2003. (pdf)
  • Schueler and Heinemann, How Integrated are the European Retail Financial Markets? A Cointegration Analysis, Discussion Paper No. 02-22, Zentrum fuer Europaeische Wirtschaftsforschung, 2002. (pdf)
  • Srejber, Sweden and European integration, speech at the IBC Euroforum: Nordic Banking, Stockholm, 3 June 2002. (pdf)
  • Trujillo Díez, El sobreendeudamiento de los consumidores (Estudio jurídico en el marco de la colaboración entre la Dirección General de Consumo de la Junta de Comunidades de Castilla-La Mancha y el Centro de Estudios del Consumo de la Universidad de Castilla la Mancha), Universidad de Castilla la Mancha, 2002. (pdf)
  • Urena Martí­nez, Los intereses excesivos en los contratos de financiación con consumidores: un problema de concurrencia normativa, Universidad de Castilla la Mancha, 2002. (pdf)
  • Vennet, Cross border merger in European banking and bank efficiency, Ghent University working paper, 2002. (pdf)


  • Vissol, Directorate General "health and consumer protection", European Commission, Updating and revising the consumer credit directive (87/102), a general commented approach. (pdf)
  • Retail financial services: what Europe has to offer, European Parliamentary Financial Services, November 2001. (pdf)
  • Duflos, European Opinion Research Group, Public Opinion in Europe: Views on financial services, Eurobarometer 56, December 2001. (pdf)


  • Jappelli and Pagano, Information sharing in credit markets: the European experience, CSEF Working Paper n. 35, March 2000. (pdf)
  • Buch, Information or regulation: what is driving the international activities of commercial banks? Kiel Working Paper 1011, Kiel Institut of World Economics Working Papers, Kiel, 2000. (pdf)
  • Grant, Charles, Bankruptcy, Credit Constraints, and Insurance: Some Empirics, CSEF Working Paper n. 40, 2000. (pdf)
  • Consumer redress and financial services, European Parliamentary Financial Services, July 2000. (pdf)
  • Maki, The growth of consumer credit and the household debt service burden, Working paper, Washington DC, 2000. (pdf)


  • Jappelli, Tullio and Pagano, Marco, Information Sharing, Lending and Defaults: Cross-Country Evidence, Centre for Studies in Economics and Finance Working Paper 22, 1999 (pdf)




  • Santangelo, The Single Market for Financial Services: the European Response to the Process of Financial Transnationalisation, Jean Monnet Working Paper, Department of Political Studies, University of Catania, 1997. (pdf)



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