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The European Credit Research Institute (ECRI) is a think-tank managed by CEPS and has its own board with its own strategy. The purpose of ECRI is to cover all policies related to consumer finance and Fintech.


ECRI Corporate Members

  • ACI Worldwide

  • Banco Santander

  • Cofidis

  • Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance

  • Klarna

  • Schufa

  • SIBS

  • VISA

ECRI Associate Members

  • Ripple

ECRI Membership benefits

  • ECRI Members have a decision making role in the ECRI executive board and, as such, decide on the main orientations of the activities of ECRI.
  • ECRI Members have access to all other CEPS advantages (for events and Task Forces), with the same conditions as a CEPS Corporate Member. 
  • ECRI Members can have a reduced price to organise a specific event with ECRI. 
  • ECRI Members can provide their views on the publications and events of ECRI (these publications and events are well followed among experts on the topics of retail banking)
  • ECRI Members have free access to all conferences organised by ECRI and CEPS (for the latter when CEPS Corporate Members do not have to pay fees): these conferences bring together senior practitioners, distinguished academics and high level officials with the aim of fostering the exchange of ideas on issues of common concern.
  • ECRI Members have free access to all Task Forces organised by ECRI (the objective of these Task Forces is to draft a report on a specific topic, with key recommendations based on the consensus made with the different members of the Task Force during a series of meetings. High circulation of the report is ensured by the vast network of CEPS and ECRI. The price of a Task Force is typically EUR 5,000 for non-members).
  • Members have free access to the  statistics produced by ECRI, which  are  used  by  numerous  organisations including international regulators. ECRI produces a statistical package every year, which costs 600 euros for non-members.
  • Members can benefit from the dense network and very high visibility of CEPS and ECRI in the Brussels sphere.

ECRI Corporate Membership

ECRI is a non-profit organisation, funded primarily through its membership base, in addition to externally commissioned research, events/task forces fees and publications sales.

The membership of ECRI is open to private companies/organisations, regulatory authorities and academic institutions.